Sunday, November 22, 2009

T'is The Season

They say to give is better than to receive. Hmm, who are they anyway? Clearly getting a glorious Mrs. Press gift box stuffed with vintage treasures, silk knickers and a supa-dupa soap or an oh-so-classy candle is a damn fine experience. Okay, so giving one to a lucky lady is pretty good too, but I, for one, am all for admitting: I LIKE PRESENTS. I LIKE THEM A LOT. BUY ME SOME THIS CHRISTMAS. BUY A WHOLE BUNCH OF REALLY EXPENSIVE ONES AND STACK THEM UNDER AN ENORMOUS TREE. DON'T HOLD BACK. SPEND ALL YOUR POCKET MONEY. GO ON, I'M WORTH IT.

To order your customised Mrs. Press Box of Delights, call our Sydney store on 02 9331 7732, or email We're wrapping up a storm and delivering for free until Santa takes over.

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