Sunday, December 6, 2009


(I speak, you speak, we all speak FASHION!!)

F'row Word of the Fortnight:
Billionheir (bill-ee-on-air) n. 1. Loaded offspring of someone famous, thereby possessed of both bags of cash and bags of cachet with which to launch a major fashion label/fund a low paid gig as an actor between jobs/ flit from fash cap to fash cap just for the fun of it.

See veggo designer Stella McCartney, (daughter of Beatle Paul); handsome dilletante Otis Ferry (son of old rocker Bryan); UK Vogue November '09 issue cover girl Georgia Jagger (youngest daughter of Mick and Jerry); Peaches and Pixie (bad girl offspring of Sir Bob Geldof).

In conversation. Hints and tips for daily use:

When a jetset friend asks if you got Nicky Haslam in to do your new dining room: "No, we went to Ikea. What do you think I am; a billionheir?"

Your PR calls to ask about the guest list to your Christmas drinks: "This is the big one. Ask Leigh Lezark to DJ and go heavy on the billionheirs."

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