Sunday, January 31, 2010


So I finally added pieces from our vintage collections to our online shop. It's been a long time coming - can someone please send me some more hours for my day? But hopefully it's worth the wait because some of these numbers are truly special. Have a look, as they say in Bali when they're trying to flog you a sarong..."looking is free..." (

I could look at a 1920s pintuck for a whole day. Or a 1930s bias cut ruffle. Or a tiny square of crumbly old beading. Heaven. It has to be old though. Last season is exactly that - it’s not vintage.

The thing about real vintage (to my mind anyway, and I know because I am vintage OBSESSED) is that it’s not a waistcoat from 1991; it’s not some old sundress from Katie’s your sister stopped wearing when she moved to the Gold Coast; it’s something very old and wonderful (the 1930s is my favourite era this week) from the 1960s or before. The 70s at a push if its Ossie Clarke or Bill Gibb. Okay, even the 80s, if it’s Wild & Lethal Trash…

It doesn’t matter where you find it. Could be a posh vintage shop or a garage sale. Could be a market or an op shop or an old suitcase in your attic. If it’s beautiful and old and somehow captures the special magic of its era or its maker or its wearer, it’s worth something – and that never goes out of fashion.

A plus tard,
Mrs. Press

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