Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Museworthy: Charlotte Rampling, 1946-

You know how sometimes you wake up and feel like eschewing makeup entirely, embracing your inner hippie, and going au naturelle but then you look in the mirror and realise you could freak out children you pass in the street if you don't cover up those eyebags and wack some Greatlash on to open up those poor little peepers (little being the operative word...small; they're practically non-existent)?

Well, I don't reckon Charlotte Rampling ever feels that way. Because Charlotte Rampling - fashion muse, mate of Juergen Teller and the deliciously sultry actress who starred in such cult movies as Georgy Girl, The Damned and The Night Porter (often sans clothes - ironic, no, for a fashion fan?), is not normal.

Charlotte is fabulous. Even without her make-up.

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