Thursday, February 25, 2010

Museworthy: Kirsten Dunst, 1982-

GIRL CRUSH!!! Kirsten Dunst is clearly the cutest, chicest thing I can think of to inspire this week's fashion dreams. I've had this kiss-blowing picture of her from Lula magazine on my desk top to inspire the make-up for a shoot I've been working on. Plus a shot of her from Marie Antionette to keep me thinking sorbet colours for next summer's collection.

And then, whaddya know?, I'm scanning The Daily Beast trying to keep up with Obama and Toyota when I get distracted (well it is late, and I did just eat a giant risotto and sometimes a girl needs a bit of dross stop her falling asleep). So, yep, I'm distracted from the political news not by "Bob Dylan's Port-O-potty Problem" (TOP STORY!! Shame on you, Beast) but by Kirsten's Turning Japanese video clip. Is she releasing this as a record? I hope so. I'd buy it, wouldn't you. Harijuku Kirsten, you are the bomb.

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