Thursday, February 11, 2010

Museworthy - Violet Trefusus, 1894 - 1972

I'm having a Violet Trefusis moment. For a change. I know, I know, I'm always wishing I were Violet, at least in the mad, bad, intoxicatingly beautiful heiress sense, that is, not the wicked, philandering, lesbian sense.

Fact is I don't really want to be Violet, unhappily hitched as she was to a man she didn't love and trying to stifle a raging passion for a woman she could never have. No, I think I'll pass on all that. But her clothes, yes please.

I'm a 20s type if it's possible to be such a thing - a fan of drop waists and bugle beads and cloches and peacock feathers. Yes, I love the sleeveless silk shifts and the ruffled flapper dresses with their straight-up-and-down silhouettes (a pox on corsets!) that were all the rage in Violet's time. I love the boldly raised hemlines that spoke of liberation. And I love the decadent flavour that pervaded the era when Violet and her lover Vita Sackville-West thought, We're doing exactly what we want to do, and no-one can stop us!

Oh, and I totally love that Violet had her priorities right - shop first, worry later. Her most famous quote: "I don't like museums; there's nothing to buy." Atta girl Trefusis! I'm dressing Violet all this week.

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  1. Love Violet and the 20's. So much great inspiration in that era. Violet happens to be one of my favourite names. My daughter has an imaginary friend who is 'Violet' But I am a geek and do love museums! xx
    you might enjoy this Blog which has lots of lovely vintage fashion inspiration