Monday, March 29, 2010


Ah, so this is why we do it! When I see the pictures from the show we staged last week I feel glad in my heart. I love how romantic the girls look in their extravagant settings designed by Kevina-Jo Smith and Helen Fitzgerald.

Kevina sewed a quilt of silk flowers for model Sophia to loll on, in her demi-couture gown of printed organdie with its absolutely OTT ginormous skirt (25 metres of silk organza!). This is the stuff my dreams are made of, and for an hour on Wednesday those dreams were suddenly realised ... in candy colours.

Thank you Inge, Kevina, Helen, Cara, Terry, Jacqui, Kate, Milou, Arlene and above all Fay for the amazing job you did. Ladies, you rock.

Anyway, about these incredible pictures Cara shot...If you could eat pictures, I would eat these. Heck, I might give it a try. Delicious, no? Who's hungry for a high fashion fix?

Photographed by Cara Stricker from the SS11 Mrs. Press show


  1. Beautiful pictures, I just love them. So playful and romantic, and light years from the hideous raunch culture of today where everything is over-sexualised.