Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When my husband was a little boy his parents used to tease him for looking like a rabbit. They said, "When you grow up you're going to be a giant rabbit!" And he was totally freaked out. Luckily he grew up to be a giant hot surfer with zip in common with rabbits, unless you're talking Rabbit Bartholomew. Anyway.

Rabbits are fabulous. Not least because they are a great shape, with their pointy ears and pompom tales. And you've got to love their twitchy little noses. Actually rabbits taste pretty good too - I once ate a rabbit pie in Portugal and it was delicious (sorry Bugs). If my cats wouldn't eat a rabbit, I'd totally get one as a pet (and brush his bunny hair and make him happy - to make up for eating his uncle that time).

So anyway pets. Some things, fish for example, and stick insects, guinea pigs...confuse me greatly as to their being objects of pet-worthy desire. Rabbits, however, rabbits are another story. Rabbits rock.

That's why Easter is so fun. It's just the excuse you need to go all Marc Jacobs on us, and work giant silk rabbit ears on a very silly headband. And look DAMN FINE like Daria and the Olsens.

I'm going to pop mine on this Easter Sunday before we start rolling eggs down hills. Then I'm going to make my husband wear them and giggle at him.

Roll on Sunday, my bunnies.

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