Friday, April 23, 2010


Was there any point, sartorially speaking, in the fight for the right to bare all? Yes, the mini skirt was a liberating force in the swinging 60s. Yes, it was once radical stuff to brazenly wear an itty bitty bikini in defiance of the beach police. And I'm sure it's all very revolutionary to crop one's top high above one's navel. But the question is: does it look nice?

I watched the fab Hitchcock flick To Catch a Thief the other evening. Grace Kellly looked smashing in scene after scene in her summer holiday garb. Of course it helps that she's so damn beautiful (that woman could've worn Gladwrap and looked swell) but there's no denying the fashion power behind her beach looks.

What looks smarter? Kelly's skin-tight black pedal pushers, black halter and half-open white cheesecloth over-skirt, or a string bikini and boardies? I know I'd rather stroll about St Tropez in a sherbet lemon beach dress and matching turban than a scrap of flouro Lycra and thongs. But then I'm old fashioned. Don't mind a mini skirt though...

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  1. Sherbet Lemon is such an amazing colour, as is a pale floaty blue for a beach day. And how incredible is To Catch a Thief? Movies today can't compare...