Sunday, April 18, 2010


So I was painting our new Sydney shop on Oxford Street today when I nipped out to get a coffee when I spied the new Robbie Ingham window dedicated to Halston. It looked fabulous with a capital F, exactly the sort of thing that Bianca Jagger would choose to wear atop her white horse where she nightclubbing today, all deliciously draped and faintly nostalgic and very definitely naughty, but nice too.

Don't know if Robbie Ingham is carrying the silver metallic jersey story but if they are I am so buying this insane tiered jumpsuit. If it were a dress it would be cute, but it's PANTS - too clever. And the draping! It looks like a glint-y and frivolous little ghost, no? My pick for a supernatural disco moment. (Have never actually considered disco for the afterlife before, but it's rather an appealing idea.)

These pics are from Net-A-Porter. Don't be spooked now...

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