Monday, April 19, 2010


Whether she's shooting models back stage (see above) or creating a carefully considered fashion wonderland for an editorial, Cara Stricker's pictures are always unexpected and fresh. I love working with her because she's super chilled out and always gets her shot. Models love working with her too.

When did you first pick up a camera, and what did you shoot?
"Before the camera came the photo album. I used to make albums from boxes and boxes filled with my parents' old photographs. I spent afternoons looking through them, putting stories together, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and trying to wrap my head around a whole life of theirs which I'll never really know."
Who's work inspires you and why?
"Nick Knight, Guy Bourdin, photography book table books.
I love:
* Nick Knight’s twisted presentation of beauty, revealing the insides of himself and the model on his canvas.
* Guy Bourdin’s raw voyeuristic exploration of his muse in his films.
* The mesh of all types of photographers of the same subject material in a coffee table book. You can find your next favourite eye."
Which models are you loving right now?
"Abbey Lee Kershaw"

What do you love about taking pictures?

"When I shoot on film, it is so final; to capture that moment you must really put yourself in the moment. One such time was when I was shooting with twins, Kate and Sophie. We had an hour to shoot a story on black and white film. It was the moment when the film came back [that it all made sense], with a story that was edited and developed perfectly within a couple hours. Everything just fell into place."
Where is the craziest place you've convinced your team to shoot?
"In an excavation, 20 metres deep, down in the dirt, surrounded by houses. The cops caught us five minutes after climbing the fence."

What's on your i-po
"Bill Withers, Lou Reed, Abba, Fleetwood Mac, The Velvet Underground, French things, Yeah Yeah Yeahs."
Why do you love crop tops?
"I had an operation recently next to my belly button, and realised that my tum tum 'aint so bad after all'.

What shoes are you wearing right now?

Magazines you can't live without?
Secret location...
"Bundeena, NSW."
Fashion is fabulous because...
"It’s forever changing"
Fashion is frustrating because...
"It’s forever changing"

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