Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Had you told me when I was a whippersnapper that one day in the dim n' distant future I would be drinking fizzy wine on a grand terrace overlooking one of the seven modern wonders of the world with a bunch of 20-something fashionista stilt walkers trying to decide whether a Chinese Barbie in a one-shouldered black mini dress would look cooler accessorised with white stiletto zippered boots and a squashy metallic toten or clompy black platforms and a mini envelope clutch, I would've scoffed.

As if! Adults don't play with Barbies. And Barbies live in the toy box under the stairs not on glossy Perspex plinths with Sydney Harbour views. And hello, like Barbie is Chinese!

Well actually Barbie can be Chinese. Or Afro American. Or Sri Lankan. Or Polish. As long as she's a super model. Because Barbie is a high fashion icon (even though she's 50 - she must have a good plastic surgeon, no?). It was inevitable I suppose, that a girl with legs up to her ears, wide eyes and ironable hair who never complains about her fallen arches (which surely muse make her calves very ache-y indeed) would make the ideal fashion model. And as for fashion editors playing dressups on plastic dolls for a living, well durr.

Barbie Basics comes with more accessories than Henry Bendel, and is available at a Target store near you. Oh, and news flash - Ken is a waiter! I know because I saw him serving Veuve Clicquot at the Australian Fashion Week World's Most Expensive Barbie event last night (that would be Babs in Stefano Canturi diamonds). Anyway, I know it was Ken because his name was on his T-shirt. He didn't look 50 either.


  1. This is great! But not as great as your dresses from AW10 (especially the one on page04) I want to up the hem, step in to some amazing pumps and tiptoe into morning tea, onlt ot let it down and dance the night away with champagne in hand! ohhh lover! Barbie would be impressed indeed.

  2. love it! If you had've told me the same thing a month ago, I wouldn't have believed you...