Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pretty clothes to make you smile

The very best thing about our new office is that all sorts of people drop by, wearing all sorts of inspirational things. So we decided to diarise them and post them on our blog...

Friday, 4pm, Arlene wears:

- A pale lemon cheesecloth dress of her own design ("can I say that this dress has a 100% date success strike rate?" Yes, Arlene, you can)
- Her delicate jersey cornflower blue scarf by French label American Vintage (confusing but true)
- A frilly bolero that started life as an Austrian national costume. "The sleeves unrolled are very 80s puff and the bodice very square, but I love the lace so I cut it short and put an internal drawstring in it. I often find things like this at Bondi markets, but I have a rule that I only buy things that I'm prepared to alter that day."
- And beat-up Fry's boots that match our floorboards perfectly


  1. Love the boots. I have a pair just as scuffed and I can't take them off! xx

  2. So gorgeous! Ah she really is that cute.