Thursday, May 20, 2010


Like a circus, Desordre was a travelling extravaganza, but now our favourite boutique is about to put down roots on South Dowling Street, Sydney. We heart Desordre for it's cool take on Australian labels and 'cause owners Shannon and Lucy are v. clever indeed.
Desordre means disorder, no? Where is the chaos in your life?
Lucy: "Hopefully there will be less chaos when we set up the permanent store, and we aren't certified fashion gypsies."

What do you love about fashion?
Shannon: "I think it can alter your mood, obviously your confidence goes up when your in a beautiful dress. But fashion now, more than ever is limitless. Everything can be worn in so many different ways. And outfits make a statement about you. It shows your mood, some mornings I wake up craving jeans, other days I really need a pretty dress."

Lucy: "I love that despite it being work, and an industry, there is always an element of fun and fantasy. I love pretty things, I like to to wear them, I like to be around them."

If not purveyors of fabulosity, what would you be?
Shannon: "I've worked on short films, and studied directing... something in media... a creative output. I've never been good at the sit down, 9 to 5 office work. I love horses too and worked at the stables, maybe I'd be a farm girl."

Which models do you rate?
Shannon: "I think the new Aussie girls are beautiful, Bambi, Avril.. if I could choose a model to look like the shortlist would begin with the Victoria's Secret angels."

Lucinda: "I'm still obsessed with Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer they seem to be getting even more beautiful. Lily Donaldson is pretty much the hottest thing on two legs."

Mini skirt or maxi dress?
Shannon: "Both!"
Lucinda: "I concur!"

Sequins by day, clearly. Which other rules do you love to break?
Shannon:"I've always loved putting colours together that as a rule should be seperate: pink and red, blue and green.. Are there still rules in clothes? I probably break lots, I need to see the list."

Summer or winter?
Shannon:"I love summer for the beach and sunshine, but i love winter for the layers and jackets. I obsess about jackets, it's my downfall."

Lucinda: "Summer without a doubt, I spend most of winter wishing it was summer again."

Colour or noir?
Lucy: "I love colour but black is my friend as I am a bit of a klutz and seem always to be getting biro or coffee on me."

Shannon, please describe Lucy's style.
"Little Lucy can get away with being a little random! Her style is a bit quirky, and disheveled, vintage, splashes of colour, and lots of leg."

Lucy, please return the favour
"Shannon is always put together and elegant. She has layering down to a fine art. Her style is one part beach baby and one part glamour."

You DJ in your spare hours. Which records to you love to dance to?
Shannon: "I love old school music, 80s, 90s, good hip hop... The Cure, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Salt n Pepa... and I love to sway to indie cruisy music."
Lucinda: "My friend introduced me to this band called Crayon Fields, I have them on pretty high rotation right now."

Secret location?
Shannon: "Just out of Barcelona there is a little beach called Sant Pol de Mar, it's quiet and gets little waves.. and I'm sure that the sand is mineral rocks, it makes your skin feel like heaven!"
Lucy: "There is this place called Mui Ne in Vietnam near where I used to live there. It is a little fishing village with a stunning beach and the best seafood feasts you will ever have."

Trends you love for winter...
Shannon: "Neutral tones, khaki, layers, thigh-high stockings and boots, varying textures, leather."
Lucy: "Fun tights ( I saw some the other day that I want in my life, on the back of the left leg they say 'wanna' and the right 'party?), statement blazers and all kinds of head wear, you lose 70% of your body warmth through your head, you know."

Trends you loathe for ever...
Shannon: "Inappropriate tight clothes, fluoro, two-tone silks that were used in American proms, matching tanks and cardigans..."
Lucy: "Guess handbags, Crocs, kitten heels, leggings as pants and Sketchers."

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  1. I sent an interview to these lovely ladies not to long ago just waiting to hear back from them.. I didnt even think to ask these questions :) great post! Im lurking your blog forever now!