Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mrs. Press's Recipe for a New Flagship Boutique

Serves: all

Seven shots of toughen-up juice
10 tins of Milk paint from Porter's Paints
3 tins of gloss black enamel
Razor blades, to taste
Sugar soap
Rubber gloves
Mrs. Press Warm Spice hand cream with almond oil
Many buckets
Several strong scrubbing brushes
1 father in law and 2 builder mates of husband's
1 chippie lover of friend's
Magical cast iron staircase in the style of Tim Walker/Lily Cole shoot
A fresh bunch of Helen, Jacqui, Fay, Kevina (or similar)

1. Rent one knackered but characterful building on posh street with no walls or floor
2. Down six shots of toughen up juice, leaving last for emergencies
3. Scrape off any excess paint from windows with razor blade
4. Attack all remaining old paint and plaster with sandpaper, chisel, finger nails etc until surfaces are smooth (remember to wear particle mask - these come from Bunnings, not Balenciaga - yikes)
5. Scrub said surfaces on hands and knees for several days with sugar soap and buckets of water. Remember to wear rubber gloves else hands peel off
6. Liberally apply hand cream at hourly intervals even if remember to wear gloves
7. Pretend to chippie lover of friend that job is easy, then when his guard is down present him with uneven precious antique doors, sheets of pressed tin, elaborate crystal door handles and hope for best. If he balks - cry (avoid rubbing eyes with gloves)
8. Next, force family members to paint at night in dark for no wage (buy them coffees to help simmer)
9. Finally, write cheques that may bounce for crazy beautiful bits of grand old houses and season liberally.

Serving suggestion:

While tricky to assemble once cooked, this treat is delightful served both hot or cold, day or night. Match with chilled champagne and rose petals. Add peacock or Lily Cole to taste.

For demonstration, chef's tips or simply to ogle, visit: 436 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021, Australia


  1. oh my goodness..it is beautiful!

  2. WOW! Yep it may have been pure hell putting that recipe together, but the resulting dish is amazing!!!!!!

  3. I visited your boutique whilst in Sydney the other day, and went mildly giddy at all the pretty. My mother had to tell me to calm down when I saw the peacocks *blush*

  4. Nice to see all that beautiful antique cast iron put to good use.