Thursday, June 3, 2010


I get why the world went gaga over the Balmain shoulder - because it was an easily adoptable buy-in to looking like a Lower East Side hipster with a buzz-worthy art show on that very night. Just add skinny dark denims and studded boots and you were good to go.

Although nice work if you could get it, you didn't really need to lay down four grand to buy the original designer sharp shouldered military jacket, because you could buy semi-plausible knock-offs from chain stores and local designers all over town.

But will Portmans and Dotti embrace the new Louis Vuitton dirndl? It poses a few problems to the "inspired-bys", this one. Not least that trickily deft construction of the wasp-waisted corsetting. But the single biggest turn off to knocking off A/W '10 Louis V? It's not sexy. At least not in the downing-shots-at-2am-in-Kings-Cross-dive-with-the-artists-formerly-known-as-Tsubi sexy. Will girls who sport The Pip don dirndls just because Marc Jacobs says they are gorgeous?

Expect checks and pastels, the odd nod to jacquard and a million contrasting black velvet ribbons, but I bet you any money Cue's version of look #17 won't nail that slightly lowered decolettage and the generous balance of the full skirt - there must be six metres of silk in that puppy! I'm guessing the high street will rest at three.

That's the thing with imitations - they really don't represent the sincerest form of flattering the wearer.

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  1. I vote these girls of downing-shots-at-2am-in-Kings-Cross-dive-with-the-artists-formerly-known-as-Tsubi fame get on the dirndl movement before it gets them. Peasant chic makes the Balmain shoulder look lethargic!

  2. I love love love this style. Reminds me a bit of the Prada fairy skirt worn by Lara Stone in 2007. Except more elegant/floaty. If only there could be a lovely affordable version of this! And available in Brisbane.