Friday, June 25, 2010


Not every little girl dreamt of being a ballet dancer. (Forget Anna Pavlova; I for one was more interested doing an interpretive dance, with scarves, in a Stevie Nicks video clip.)

And yet, there's something about a tulle skirt that makes grown women swoon with nostalgia, whether it be for for their lost inner tutu-wearing child self; for one-time idle Carrie Bradshaw; or for the romance of old Hollywood.

Tulle speaks of more than just pirouetting centre stage; it says: romance, frivolity, drama and daring! It says: one, two, three, look at me! It says Tim Walker muse up a powder caked ladder; Lara Stone playing bored deb; Lily Donaldson as ice queen on the cover of Vogue.

There are, of course, unshakeable non-tulle types. I can't see Julia Gillard in a froth of net. But even women who live in flat boots and skinny jeans and Viktor & Rolf tuxedos can sometimes be persuaded. There are times when only tulle will do.


  1. Ah tulle, there is nothing quite like it, and no better way to have everyone you pass *stare* - as I have discovered from experience! My tulle dreams centre around Grace Kelly in Rear Window...

  2. OMG mine too! She is exquisite in that movie.