Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clutter Love

I know mess is supposed to be bad for us. One of the battle cries of modern life is "De-clutter!" (your brain, your love life, your kitchen...go forth and throw stuff out; order your closets; and put the cutlery away for heaven's sake!). But guess what? I like my spoons and forks on display. I love a bit of artful mess. It inspires me.

Anyway, I don't trust people who are too clean and tidy. My mum had a friend who used to bleach her wheelie bins - every single day. I'll bet this particular friend never fed her kids a peck of dirt to keep the immune system healthy (yeah, thanks for that Mum), but I'll wager too that those kids never knew the unparalleled joy of tipping out the button tin all over the sofa in order that they might spend a whole rainy day hunting them back, but instead finding pennies and lipsticks, postcards and, once, a door mouse (true story) deep within its dusty depths. I never did recover all those buttons - I like to think of them living happily somewhere nice in the sun, tending geraniums in their button-y backyard. Mess is good for the imagination.

My friend Daniel just sent me some snaps he took at our last fashion show. There were lovely shots of the models and the clothes but it was the tiny, wacky details that caught my eye - the ones we'd spent ages dreaming up, then promptly forgot. It's mess, yes, but not as we know it.

Oh, the final picture stars some of my spoons. It'd be criminal to hide these beauties in a drawer, no?


  1. I always remind myself of the wonderful Mirka Mora and Margaret Olley when I fret over clutter. xx

  2. Love is a reminder of all our best moments....besides, most clutter has it's own sense of organisation even if it is not obvious to the onlooker....clutter does not necessarily spell chaos....xv

  3. the door mice must have loved your house!!