Sunday, July 25, 2010


Posting about Quentin Bryce got me thinking about style icons and who qualifies, in my mind, and in Australia. So I came up with a Top Ten Most Inspiring Dressers at Home list. So here it is (hurrah!) in no particular order:

La Gov Gen (see Thursday's post)
9. Lee Lin Chin - exotic and exciting, J'adore this journo's take on Japanese and Belgian design
8. Emily McGregor - this fashion editor flies under the radar but her wonderfully eccentric wardrobe is worth writing home about
7. Christine Centenera - a jewel in the Harper's Bazaar crown, this one invented the modern fashionista look; the rest are mere copycats
6. Michelle Jank - brave and beautiful, this stylist/designer/creative force is always delightful to look at
5. Jenny Kee - wacky and wondrous, Kee is my favourite architect of the Australian fashion vernacular
4. Rose Byrne - lovely in Lanvin, her n' Cate are rare red carpet masters
3. Cate Blanchett - obviously. But you have got to love her, no? That frame, those cheek bones, those Romance Was Born risks
2. Louise Olsen - classically beautiful with a quirky, arty elegance
1. Alexandra Keating - willowy and clever, I love how this proto-business dynamo can work a Willow frock or a vintage Victorian capelet

From top: Portrait of Jank from Sunday Life; Chin; Byrne in Lanvin at the Golden Globes; Olsen pic by Susie Hogan; Centenera at the shows.

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  1. love christine, love rose, love michelle and cate (of course). in my list i would also add elsie pioch from belinda, what an original.