Monday, August 30, 2010

PICNIC FUN IN THE SUN (or where and how I'll be champersing this summer)

Last week we threw a lovely lunch at the Gazebo in Sydney's Elizabeth Bay. There was champers of course. And baskets of baguettes (warm, yum) and smoked salmon and tiny sandwiches and little chocolate brownies and all sorts. And of course there were beautiful girls in clothes.

If I were attending the picnic of my dreams I would so be wearing this silk organza and printed cotton organdy showstopper with Inge Holst's extravagant ruffled silk bolero. So what if my heels sink into the grass? You only live once,right?

Our heartfelt thanks to Shu Uemura for designing the girls' delicious makeup looks (mint eyes for me please, miss) and Redken for plaiting up a veritable hair storm. Thank you to Bondi beauty Maggie May Florist for the brilliant blooms and, of course, the Gazebo for hosting us most marvelously.

I will so be champersing in the Gazebo Wine Garden all summer long. You? (And don't you be telling me "to champers" is not a verb. It is if I say it is. So there).

To book your girls' picnic or just a general champersing knees-up, go to, or tel: 02 9357 5333 for more info.


  1. Sorry I couldn't be there! it looks like it was a beautiful lunch xx

  2. boo hoo missed you Miss Linz. Come and bring me a coffee on Saturday morning at the Society Flea mkt??

  3. You're little soiree looks gorgeous. I love that last girls hairstyle, if only I had long hair... A perfect bridal hairdo...

  4. This blog is absolutely lovely and stylish!! I follow you!
    PS:come and visit me, I'll be glad!