Thursday, September 16, 2010


What do you mean I'm in a mood? That just sums you up, doesn't it? Going around telling people who are perfectly happy going along not considering themselves moody whatsoever, in fact not even thinking about moodiness or otherwise, that they are in a complete mood. Well, get you.


  1. Oh my god I am obsessed with Mrs. Press. Just randomly found you and now I can die a happy girl.

    Mrs. Press is totally my style. Swoon.
    So lovely. So glad I found this :)


  2. Hurray!! Getting comments like this makes me SMILE, especially when I've been tearing my hair out all day sweating the small stuff. Can't believe I just typed sweating. Hate that word. Anyway, struggling with small stuff. Thank you, joy givers... xx

  3. Keep on doing what you do, love it. Just read your interview on Daily Imprint and very inspired to keep at it with my little jewellery line, newly launched into blog land...chin up!