Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometimes we all need to curl up on the sofa with a cup of green tea and My Secrets by Joan Collins (Viking). Joan is fabulous with a capital F. When I was a kid, my dad rather fancied Joan so my mum made a fuss about how tarty she was. Not the right sort of woman at all...tut tut. And I agreed. Until recently. Now that I've re-discovered our Joan I am totally smitten. Too much make-up, too much cleavage, too much jewellery, bad leotards and all. Tarty? A tad. Flashy too, but, oh my, doesn't she look marvellous with a pile of bananas? These days I recognise that too much is never enough. I'll have what she's having please.

Joan's Top Ten Tips for "remaining healthy, youthful and vital for ever:
1. You are as young as your mind. Think young - embrace new ideas and philosophies
2. Exercise often
3. Laugh a lot
4. Eat as much raw food as you can. Only eat when you are hungry
5. Maintain your appearance. You should be proud of how you look
6. Drink a litre and a half of water between meals every day
7. Stop smoking
8. Love someone
9. Have a glass of wine
10. Appreciate the beauty that still exists in this world around us."

Hear, hear, lady!


  1. I have all the Joan books! She really does belong to another era altogether and I love her. She was stunning pre-Dynasty. There's only one Joan. And I agree that sometimes in life you have to curl up with a book like Joan's My Secrets or Britt Ekland's Sensual Beauty (title says it all). I love those vintage beauty books. xx

  2. Fabulous! I have a sewing pattern with her as the model - massive shoulder pads of course!
    And I was very moved by the article in the Age (in your previous post) - really great that she got to enjoy some beautiful clothing while she still could.
    (Thanks for visiting my blog by the way, Suki was very flattered!)

  3. That's a fabulous post! :) She's an icon and I love her 'Top Ten Tips'! Your blog is lovely! xx

  4. i couldn't get over this when you showed it to me, so glad you blogged about it. wish you had scanned in the picture with the oranges hahaha! oh joan... what a classic.