Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've always wanted to be an agony aunt. When I was a kid, my friend Rachel and I
used to make up fake love woes and send them into the local radio station's problem
solver. I think her name was Dierdre.

"Dear Dierdre, My husband ran off with a waitress but he bought me
a really nice diamond. Should I mind?"

I hope you don't make up fashion worries to send in to "Ask Mrs. Press".
But I would v. much like to hear about your genuine style conundrums.
What to wear where? How to work this and that? What goes with what? How to
crack the dress codes; how to make an entrance; how to edit your
wardrobe...so many questions, so much fun!

Each month I will be carefully considering all matters of style etiquette in
my new column for Instyle magazine.
Got a style problem? We've love to hear from you. Send your queries to instyle@pacificmags.com.au


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