Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's funny, isn't it, that Marc Jacobs knows exactly what women want to wear and when they want to wear it? I mean, this is a gay guy who cast his own naked body to star in the tackorama billboard ads for his fragrance for men, Bang. The same guy who said, after his SS11 show - full of billowing 70s silhouettes recalling the Halcyon days of Halston - that he was sick of women's boobs after the whole 50s curvy siren revival, that he himself instigated. Hello? What does he know about my fashion needs?

I have boobs, thank you very much Mr Jacobs!

Oh, except, er...can I take that back? Because actually I want to hide them now in a one-shouldered maxi gown in shades of blueberry and grape. Actually, you seem to know exactly what my fashion needs are: a berry nice billowy dress, split to the thigh and inspired by Naomi Campbell having a birthday party in Cannes. And high-waisted pink satin jeans. And a giant straw hat of the sort Marissa Berensen used to wear. I want all this because you told me to. Amazing but true. MARC, I GOTTA HAND IT TO YOU, YOU JUST KNOW.

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