Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fun With Carrots

It's been rather long between drinks...Slap hands, slack blogger! Please accept my apologies. Not that I'm lazy; I've been out all week, shooting whimsical and magical photos of red-headed beauty Alice Burdeu (top) for a secret project. She is utterly delightful, so graceful and smart too. I love it when a model is clever as well as pretty.

Anyway, seeing red got me thinking, titian locks are lovely, aren't they? And it got me remembering too: our dear departed family dog Bronwen was kinda ginger (although the official name for her colouring was black and tan), and while she certainly enjoyed attacking the postman by far her favourite bite was a hunk of raw carrot. Before she ate them, she would play with them - we called this "fun with carrots". These days I'm a cat person, and there is no way my kittens would eat carrots, fun or not. Might dye my hair red though...chic for Christmas.

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  1. Project sounds intriguing Clare and yes, Alice is lovely! Made me think of ye olde Sept Instyle mag - a great photo shoot of Marc Jacobs and Deborah Ann Wolf (wearing his collection). She is a true (blood) beauty and has stunning 'titian locks'. Paula