Monday, November 8, 2010


There really should be more men in hats. Not baseball caps and beanies. I'm talking proper Homburgs. I went to see my hero Leonard Cohen play last night and he was looking damn cool (at 76 no less!) in his sharp suit and rakishly tilted Homburg. And I'd say approx. 30% hotter than if he were hatless. Most of his band was Homburged too, which was fun (and almost stopped one or two of them from looking like local bank managers).
Thing is, gentlemen, the wearing of a proper hat directly increases your fanciability to the power of...well, heaps (maths was never my strong point). Wear your hat with a smart suit. Take your cue from lovely Leonard, Jimmy Stewart, Cary and Bogey. I'll bet you pull.


  1. That is SO true - bring back wonderful, stylish, sulkily-black hats for men...yum!

  2. Definitely - give me Don Draper of Mad Men leaving the office in one of his fedora style hats any day.

  3. I love a man in a hat as well. Johnny Depp springs to mind but I also love a woman in a hat like Lou Doillon. xx