Friday, December 3, 2010


So I'm reading Hugo Vickers' fab biography of Cecil Beaton and it's eye-opening to see what a little snob he was as a young bloke. Obsessed with trying to turn his reluctant middle class mother into a socialite and grooming his sisters for fancy marriages. My fave bit thus far is when his bedroom is described in the less than posh Paddington pad the famille Beaton had to shift to when money got tight. Our Cecil bedecked it out in red velvet and gold and painted silver blooms all over his mint green walls. God bless. Anyway, snob or not he was a damn good snapper. And he got what he wished for, hobnobbing with the Queen and all that. (Incidentally, Hobnobs are my all-time favourite chocolate biscuits). Maybe being an snob's not such a bad thing. Aren't his pictures inspiring?

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