Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fleur delish

So...today I discovered that the cafe in the back of Fleur Wood's Paddington, Sydney store is open again. Yay! It serves beautiful, light gluten free yummies and the coffee comes in vintage mismatched cups. You get to sit there in their delightful sunny courtyard surrounded by pot plants and white rabbits. (I think these bunnies are made of plaster but they are real to me.) I heart Fleur and the lovely spaces she creates.

Here are some pages from her new book, which I hope she doesn't mind me stealing to post on this here blog.

All my friends will be getting Fashion Food Friends for xmas. How about yours?

Happy mid-week!



  1. Your blog makes me feel like wearing glamorous 1940s dresses!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, the colours of those dresses and the cane chairs are gorgeous. A very stylish lady...

  3. That's a cracker gift for your friends. Mine are getting home made chutney. I think they would prefer to be your friend!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my writing Blog. I love your writing so much so it means a lot. xx

  4. wow, i never realised fleur wood had a little cafe! I must check that out.