Saturday, January 1, 2011


Is there anything nicer than curling up with a costume drama? I don't think so. I've spent several blissful escapist evenings over the holidays absorbed in Downton Abbey, written by the masterly Julian Fellowes and starring, among others, the untouchable genius that is Maggie Smith.
One of the other stars is the wardrobe, which has seen spreads in Vanity Fair and Vogue. Oh to don a riding habit like Lady Mary Crawley and gallop off to tell someone off - like Jane Austen's Emma, pre-self realisation, I swear Mary, played by one-to-watch Michelle Dockery, is just as good at dressing people down who displease her, as she is at dressing up. Anyway, I rather fancy myself in one of her Edwardian dinner dresses, don't you?


  1. No. Could it be? A costume drama that I have not yet heard of?? I'm going to have to investigate this one! Thanks for letting us know about it! (by the way, you might like to try audio books for when you are in the car, it means you can steal slivers of time with Jane Austen et al while you are getting from A to B! They're sort of my latest obsession!)

  2. This sounds wonderful. I go back so far I can remember the original Upstairs Downstairs which I loved. xx

  3. Oh certainly, Upstairs Downstairs is brilliant! My friend just ordered it from the ABC shop, so we can get into that one too. Hurrah!