Saturday, February 12, 2011


They say there are less than 60 haute couture customers worldwide - and since Nan Kempner passed away, that number is likely less robust. Nan was the queen of it all, a couturaholic who bought up a storm each season at Chanel and Dior and Christian Lacroix.

Lacroix shut up shop last year which is very sad because he, like his peers who keep that art of the Paris ateliers alive, was a genius. And yet the couture is alive and well - if only for the spectacle and the boost it brings to a brand's perfume sales. But you know what I say to the lip-pursers who disapprove of the idea of blowing the price of a house on a hand-beaded gown ("Immoral! There are people starving!")?

I say this: If I had a spare hundred grand I would totally spend in on Dior's Rene Grau-inspired creations. I just would.
Oh the glamour! Oh the beauty! Mr. Galliano, we SWOON


  1. Swoon, yes ~ the perfect adjective.

    For the first is beyond swooning... I may have just fainted.