Thursday, February 3, 2011


Now I do hope you'll forgive me for being sickeningly lucky, but I just have to share my new rose gold and emerald cut green amethyst cocktail ring by Claire Aristides. One word: HEAVEN.

I swore I'd save it for special occasions, like the Sydney launch of Claire's collection, which was held at our store on Wednesday night. The lovely Fiona Hay and team did guests' nails and doled out hand massages using Mrs. Press almond oil hand creams, while I splashed out the champers surrounded by cupcakes iced with little jewels (stick to what you know, eh?).

Anyway, turns out I couldn't bear to keep my new BFF for best because here I am typing in it on my lonesome this humid Friday afternoon. Still, I don't need an audience to tell me this sparkler is a stunner...Or do I? Okay, maybe just a small one. Hello! Check it out!!!

Order yours from Claire on line ( or drop her a line and get her to tell you all about her super chic creations. Clearly they rock, these rocks. And the double best thing about them as you get to design them yourself - choosing your stone (from a vast array of semiprecious pretties), its cut and your gold. Sold!

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