Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You know what I love? I love it when the leaves turn brown. And I love it when you can wear a camel cashmere cape and a leopard print trilby and dash off to the Autumn Racing Carnival looking ze knees of ze bee. Bring it on!
Last week we hosted a soiree to celebrate the above with our dear friends Suzy O' Rourke and Jess Cove. My, aren't they clever! Order one of Suzy's hats today...I'm getting that leather eyelet number Terry Biviano had on. Too good.

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  1. Oh yes, roll on autumn with it's crisp days and chilled nights so we can wear all the lovely boots, coats and vintage gloves!

    The hats would do the Mad Hatter proud, and I have serious coat~envy about the swirly~sleeved little number....