Monday, March 28, 2011


J'adore Jenny Kee. I interviewed her when she'd just published her autobiography, A Big Life (Penguin) and stayed all day. Jenny is full of wit and wisdom, and wonderful stories about hanging out with fashion's great and good. No, scratch that. About being one of fashion's great and good. Her prints have been used by Lagerfeld at Chanel and her designs, many of them designed in cahoots with the fascinating Linda Jackson, helped shape the Aussie fashion landscape. Jenny is AMAZING. Look at her here with Linda and Romance Was Born's Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett. Are you in love yet? Check out her new website. I'm writing to Santa right now with a request for one of her limited edition silk scarves.
You should be too!

Pics: Jenny in 1960s London; Jenny's Nature of Oz scarf print; Jenny being Jenny; Jenny, Linda & the RWB-wers.


  1. I love Jenny Kee ... she was an absolute icon when I was growing up in Australia, and I see her influence and fabulousness continues today.

  2. So right Tracey. She is an original. I saw her at an event last week re-launching Aussie wool as a fashion staple, and there were all sorts of chic woolen ensembles in display but none came close to her nutty waratah knitted leggings, tunic, hat look. Love!