Friday, April 1, 2011


Just been dreaming (drooling) over Feb '11 issue of French Vogue. I'm
usually a British Vogue girl, often finding Frogue too sexy-ugly-on-purpose
for my tastes. I get that's it's unreal, but mostly I don't want to live inside
the pictures, or I don't when they are designed to shock as well as awe, but Emmanuelle Art and Carine Roitfeld's take on the SS'11 collections is so
devastatingly beautiful I wish myself inhabiting every shot. Especially the
one of Yamamoto's blow-up lilo skirt. And all the ones of Lara in Orientalist
Dior. And every single Frejha moment (please reincarnation Buddhist type God,
can I die and come back as her hair??). And goodness aren't the colours
wonderful. And hello, how hot are those daisies?

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