Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you are in Sydney, you will have noticed it is unseasonably wet and glum right now (the coldest May in 41 years!). If you're in Europe, you probably don't believe me. But it's true! Bleeding freezing, I tell you. No sun and surf for us.
Anyway, creative genius to the rescue...the sight of Mary Katrantzou's glorious mini lampshade skirts for SS11 blew the clouds away for me - temporarily at least.

Volume rocks really doesn't it? Add wire, and you're away. I know it must have been crap to be strapped into an S-Bend corset with a bustle padding your arse, but it sure looked grand. And as for a giant crinoline? The bomb, no? I love Paul Poiret's revolutionary lampshade skirts of the 1910s (2nd and 3rd pic), and I even love the Studibaker Hawk wired taffeta prom dresses from the 80s. In fact, I've got one. But best of all must be Alexander McQueen's wooden fan dress, seen below in a shoot for US Vogue and currently part of the Savage Beauty show at the Met. Who cares if I can't get through a standard doorway in it? Pas moi!


  1. It's freezing in Canberra too!!!! I love these photos, gorgeous :)

  2. Thank you. It is good to dream (while wearing a blanket and uggs...)

  3. LOVE the fabric with the interiors prints...so amazing.