Thursday, June 9, 2011


I just had a bright idea! Hold your horses, I know they don't come too often. Okay so they do but generally all at the same time like buses. Anyway, back to my idea. I hate how everyone's always posting pics of themselves in hot labels looking model-y and tweeting #TodayI'mWearing @Chanel and @Burberry with...blah blah whatever...Because I know some of them actually are wearing said gear and most certainly look uber smashing while they're at it, I just really reckon some of them are not. That some of them are wearing an old t-shirt and a weird belt they can't remember the origins of. And so, for the merry month of June, I shall be tweeting each day exactly what I am wearing in all its mismatched vintage-y glory.I hope it will make you smile.

This pic is not of me in today's get up: gum boots and a weird old velvet dress with puffy sleeves in ode to Helena Bonham Carter (ze new face of Marc Jacobs, don't you know?) because I am on my own at work with no camera, but of some summer getup, to remind me that it doesn't always have to be this cold. ThatDayIWasWearing a very old kaftan given to me by Viva Vayspap, too much scary fuchsia lipstick and a plastic flower my hair, 70s-barmaid style. I may take pics of self tomorrow, if outfit is worthy.
A bientot, fashion fans xxx


  1. A fabulous idea for early winter!

  2. I really love your sense of dry humour! (And I sneakily wonder the same thing about what people are actually truly wearing....)

  3. Today, I'm wearing Ugg boots! Eeek!