Friday, July 8, 2011


So there was I thinking Franca Sozzani had done more to encourage designers to embrace the idea of body diversity by designing delicious duds for the fuller figure, than anyone else in fashion. That's thanks to the recent cover of Italian Vogue celebrating curvacious beauties, including our own Aussie girl of the plus size moment, Robyn Lawley. Then along comes Marc Jacobs to turn all that on its head. Talk about changing the shape of things to come. He of the high octane glamour has turned his talents to custom creating a wardrobe for a voluptuous three-foot high fashion editor with a tail - Miss Piggy, who plays a Frogue editor in the upcoming Muppet Movie. Who says glamour must be six-foot tall with a skinny ass? Now what would you dress Miss Piggy in?

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  1. This would be quite an amazing task for any designer I'd imagine! I love pink, but I have to say that Miss Piggy is seen in pink far too often so I like that he went in other directions!

    Sal x