Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Am feeling all 40s. No, not like I'm pushing 40, you cheeky sods. I mean 1940s. How beautiful of the August Mrs. Hinze cover of UK Vogue? And YSL's giving us the film noir treatment. And as for Miu Miu - wooooo hoooo. I do so love a statement sleeve. You?

Pics: Etsy has the answers; Miu Miu; Vogue, Lauren Bacall; Miu Miu; YSL twice, Babe Paley; & Lauren again because she is double-brilliant


  1. I'm feeling all 40's too at the moment as part of my current book is set there. These images are lovely. Love the black dress at the top. Your blog is as amazing as ever. I hope to find today to catch up with it. xx

  2. Thank you! How is the book coming on? I wish I could write a novel, good for you, lady. Are we talking love story involving the French resistance?? I hope so!