Wednesday, August 3, 2011


From my latest Instyle column, answering your style dilemmas!

Question: I seem to be always buying new clothes, but I never have a thing to wear! Any advice?

This is a common problem. We've all stared hopelessly into the depths of our wardrobes and wondered what on earth there is to wear in there. The best solution is a ruthless edit. If your closet is crammed, you can't see the Hollywood gowns for the tees.

Don't let a decent dress get lost behind lesser garments. De-clutter! Remove the rubbish they use as camouflage – those ancient work pants shiny from over-ironing; that coat with the hole in the back; the daggy dress with the print that's so 2006. Once they are gone, your good pieces will be easier to spot and work with.

V&A Publishing has just reprinted American designer Anne Fogarty's 1959 style guide, the quaintly titled A Well Dressed Wife. While her advice for getting a husband to buy you a mink seems pretty dated now, her words on culling an unwieldy wardrobe stand the test of time. Writes Fogarty: "Be relentless! Don't hang onto things that may someday come back into style, you think might look okay if you change your hairstyle…[or are] good enough for the rain or wearing round the house."

A small but carefully considered wardrobe gives you way more options than an overcrowded one. If you're stumbling over parting with an old fabric friend, remind yourself this: if you haven't worn it in a year, chances are you're not going to. So sell it, give it away or cut it up and use if for dusters.

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  1. spotted one of your dresses in this weeks Grazia - it was definitely the best of the bunch by far!