Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unfashionable Times Indeed

God, and I always thought London was a fashion capital. Reading about the half-witted thuggery gripping the UK I feel so disappointed. London's burning as "ordinary" people grab whatever they can get while a bunch of ridiculous disaffected halfwits in hoodies loot stores and chuck stuff. I would go so far as to say I am ashamed to be English. What has happened to this once great centre of culture and civilisation? I just watched some video footage and it made me cry. It strikes to the very heart of what it used to mean, to me anyway, to be English - a privileged, culture-rich upbringing, roots in a place defined by neighbourliness and the village bloody green, by fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, by Miss Marple and The Beatles, by mini skirts and Dickens and Vivienne Westwood and the Queen and getting excited come Christmas about the Boots catalogue. By London Fashion Week and To Sir With Love, by The Two Ronnies, and terriers and wellington boots and hacking jackets, by fondant fancies and soft rain and watching Coronation Street. Well now they're looting Boots!
It's so very sad, isn't it? That people with so much - because at the end of the day these numbskulls aren't begging on the streets of Calcutta are they? They're all wearing designer trainers - value it so little.

This from the Guardian website, about Clapham, where I once lived:

"Dozens of youths started the night's violence on Northcote Road at just after nine o'clock when they ransacked a Curry's electronic store in Northcote Road. They were joined by dozens of others, many with black hoods and scarves after a small number of riot police left the scene half an hour earlier when they came under light bombardment from projectiles.

Onlookers and locals identified many of those present as "blues, yellows and reds", members of local gangs who they said had called a truce for the evening. Along Northcote Road the windows of other stores in including Starbucks were smashed.

The gangs ran along the road and at one point a middle-aged man and his wife pointed in the direction of a jewellers further up the road and other potential targets.
Less than 30 metres away dozens of revellers stood outside a local pub drinking beer and looking on.
As it became apparent after 20 minutes of looting that the police were not coming back the looters were joined by many more."


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  1. I feel so sad for London today, too. Don't be ashamed to be English - think of all the outrage from so many in the Uk and so many lovely, kind and brave people beginning to volunteer to clear up the mess. London will survive this as she's survived everything else. She's a big, strong, gutsy lady. And the London and England you describe with so much passion and elegance will always be there. Do you read the wonderful blog Spitafields Life? He has a piece on some riots in the 1800's. So interesting. I have to turn off the telly and Twitter now as it's too overwhelming. Madness loose on the streets. xx