Thursday, October 6, 2011


So I've been dreaming about gardening recently. I think for its potentially soothing qualities. I have always loved the idea of roaming around my Capability Brown grounds in trailing chiffon with a flat basket to collect my peonies in. Which is probably why I've never gotten round to greening my thumb. Grounds?! As if! I'd be lucky to manage a window box. So how about, to use a very silly PR term I was fed the other day, I "manage my expectations"? News reader most marvellous Indira Naidoo's new book is about cultivating mini veggie gardens on balconies. And these kitsch cuties (a deer planter? fabulous!) are from ace new Sydney design store, Follow in Surry Hills. Here's hoping I don't kill my tomatoes first go.

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  1. Oh I've always adored Indira .. and that Bambi planter is just too cute!

    A x