Friday, October 28, 2011


Whether it’s just me getting old or whether in fact the pace of life has quickened exponentially, it does seem that trends swoop in and out so terribly fast these days. You have to be extremely dedicated to stay on top of what’s in and out, and who the latest muse of the moment might be (androgynous rock chick or Stepford wife? And that’s in the same season!).
All this is partly to do with the sheer number of collections, what with the swelling ranks at fashion weeks and the addition of pre-collections and Cruise. Add to that the likes of Burberry and Louis Vuitton live-streaming their shows and you get craziness squared. We’re all desperate to press fast-forward to get our mitts on the next, newest bit of catwalk kit way earlier than we used to be. But fast-forward means time sped up. Sometimes it feels right to slow it down.
Just ask Marc Jacobs. His S/S'12 collection for Louis Vuittion was almost balletic in its slow grace. His models perched elegantly on a ice-white carousel spinning ever so slowly, their candy-coloured crocodile handbags swinging as they stepped so prettily on and off. The whole thing screamed “Walk, don’t run.” Or it would have if it wasn’t whispering and taking its sweet, elegant time.
“Elegance is refusal.” That, of course, is a famous quote by Diana Vreeland, which in fact I think she appropriated from Chanel, but she made it her own adding an explanatory prefix: “elegance is innate. It has nothing to do with being well dressed” and dusting the whole in that uber glamorous magic that gave her style edicts such staying power. Anyway, it’s marvellous isn’t it? And so true! This idea that to be elegant you must not be too much. Being de trop rather cancels out the concept of being elegant. You can’t YELL elegance. You must WHISPER it. And I don’t reckon you can fast-forward elegance. You need to savour it, let it percolate. So slow down ladies. For a second at least.
Slow stuff I’m into:
1.     A stroll through the park
2.     Taking the train overland from somewhere or other to Istambul
3.     Reading, and savouring, a chapter at a time each night before bed
4.     Writing and posting letters
5.     Dinner parties with 5 courses, and lots of lovely drinks beforehand
6.     Ageing (sorry, couldn’t resist. But if there is a recipe for slowing this shit down, kindly pass it on)
7. Lolling in bed for breakfast
8. Lolling on the beach under a ginormous umbrella
9. Lolling on your back in the pool
10. Lolling in general


  1. Oh hip hoorah to such wise words Clare. I think we can all see the wisdom and beauty in this approach, but just need to be reminded every now and again. Virginia x

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