Saturday, November 5, 2011


Recently the amount of stuff I have has been invading my dreams. In one REM adventure the mammoth "sewing pile" of vintage garments I bought intending to tweak collapsed on top of me burying me alive. My dream self screamed but no-one heard. I woke up in a sweaty mess of fear and loathing only to see the washing basket o overflowing onto the moonlit bedroom floor. Why do I have so very much stuff? Was it breeding? Would I end up like Margaret Olley, engulfed by a studio filled with 80 years' worth of horded junk? Was it inspiring, or just wierd?
And as the summer bursts into its first fullness, and the sunlight illuminates the dust motes and shines its spotlight on the peculiar piles of bags of goodness knows what - is that an antique iron I once bought thinking it would make a good doorstop? so that's where it went! - which cover most every chair in our dining room I decided: EVERYHING MUST GO!
The rules:
1. If an item in your wardrobe makes you look ugly and feel unconfident, CHUCK IT
2. If you have more than one ancient T-shirt in your drawer "because you might need painting clothes" - CHUCK IT
3. If it doesn't fit, you will not diet into it, so CHUCK IT
4. If it's full of holes, CHUCK IT
5. If a scary dress has been languishing in your sewing pile since 2006 because it has a nice collar, and maybe you could cut it into a top, CHUCK IT
6. If there are 7 pairs of unflattering jeans in your closet, CHUCK THEM ALL
7. You know those several score old lipsticks in colours that don't suit you that you got free at fashion week five years ago? The ones in  your bathroom drawer making it hard to find the cotton wool? GOODBYE

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