Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anna Dello Russo's Advent Calendar

Every night on the way home I drive past this row of amazing Paddington terrace houses, each with an extravagant wreath on the front door. It's like one family did it, then another thought, "Hey, I can do better! Beat this!" and on it went until the last one is palest peach paper feathers worthy of a fashion show. It's crazy competitive Christmas wreath action gone mad! I kid you not. Keep meaning to take pics, but keep getting too busy. CHRISTMAS IS COMING LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN! Time is running out my friends, come to my shop and buy yourself some stocking filler soap, quick smart!

In the meantime, trust my favourite Vogue style icon Anna Dello Russo to make her own super-cal-fashion-listic advent calendar. I love you Anna!

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