Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So today, for the first time, seriously, ever, someone told me my hair looked "amazing" Hurrah! Double hurrah! Fact is, I went to have my roots bleached yesterday at the fabulous Suki in Paddington, and was told be careful of the old stick-a-sleek-high-pony-in-the-same-spot-every-day, because you will break these poor bleached stressed-out strands in a nanosecond. Whoah Suki! Be kind! I wore my extra-marbled super-long (seriously it's to my waist) blonde hair in a wild, messy low side bunch, with the dark caramel underneath bits on show and the very white-blonde top bits on show, and it looked, though I say so myself, kinda fabulous. I have always loved my two-tone hair, so why do I hide it? Hello? I'm letting it flow this week. Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

More two-tone marble heads for inspiration:
SJP, like mine but upside-down, with dark on top

Nicole, actually a lot like mine but with a fringe & mine's more white-blonde than gold

Okay so I wish I was Lily Aldridge. Who doesn't?

Fern Cotton + Me. Sisters

Drew doing the Two

Gaga! I am HATING the bandwagon pink thing right now, but love this kooky canary 'do

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