Thursday, August 23, 2012


So the sun is shining, it's a new season and change is in the air! I'm about to close my Paddington store, which was sad but is now rad - I've decided. So eager to start doing new things and dedicate more time to writing. I've spent the last 6 months absorbed in an intensive course, deliciously titled "Writing a Novel" at the Faber Academy at Allen & Unwin.

My teacher is Kathryn Heyman, who wrote one of my fave book's Captain Starlight's Apprentice,

Anyway, last week was our final class and I can't believe it's come to an end. Except, it's not an end, actually, it's a beginning. I 'm half way through my first draft and I'm enormously fired up. Literally can't wait to get my days back to focus on finishing it. Watch this space.

And another beginning, four years after I left it, I'm back in Vogue. So exciting! I wrote a piece for the September issue (how gorge is the Bella Heathecote cover?) about our leading light designers taking Moda Operandi by storm - interviewing Josh Goot, Dion Lee and the guys from Lover. I've known Nic & Susien since I worked at Oyster, and I interviewed Josh when he launched his very first range  - do you remember it? It was called Platform. Josh gave me a beautiful white Platform blazer which I wore to death - literally. I washed it with a lipstick in the pocket and had to send it to fashion heaven.

I've just finished 3 more stories for Vogue - can't wait till the new issue comes out. My fingers are buzzing - I'm a writer again!!

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