Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So who's excited about the Bowie exhibition at the V&A? Me! Me! The first record I obsessed over as a teenager was Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders from Mars. I used to lie in the bath and smoke cigarettes and wail along to Rock n Roll Suicide (bear with me, I was 14). These days, I still wail along. Lights out, misery on. COME ON! I had every album on vinyl (still do) and The Man Who Fell To Earth on VHS.

When I was 23 I landed a job as senior writer at Rolling Stone in Sydney. I was the only chick on a team full of old men. I got all the best gigs. I interviewed Nick Cave and Tom Waits, I went backstage to see Cat Power, I had tea with PJ Harvey, and got drunk with The Dandy Warhols (Courtney Taylor-Taylor licked my face in Tatler, true story). One day Lenny Kravitz called me up from the Bahamas.

This was a good job.

So when I got asked to interview my hero David Bowie in New York all my dreams came true. Except my mum was coming to visit from London, SO I COULDN'T GO. What the? How un-rock is that?! I didn't deserve to be a Rolling Stone writer. So I stopped. And went to work for Harpers' Bazaar. I never did forgive my mum though. Nor stop obsessing over David and his truly remarkable outfits.
There is no greater jumpsuit inspiration in the history of fashion. Please. Too brilliant. Herewith, my pick of the looks that can't be beaten. Try if you dare.


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  1. Nice to see you are back Clare. A gorgeous story from back in the day!