Who is Clare Press?

I'm a Sydney-based author, journalist and designer.

I don't mind a ball gown and collect vintage treasures - the inspiration for my label, Mrs. Press.

I'm a contributing fashion writer to VOGUE Australia and SUNDAY STYLE.

My first book The Dressing Table is published by Penguin/Lantern. You can buy it here:
(please do!)

What else? I was an Instyle columnist for two years, Vogue's features director for five, and I've done time as a regularly contributor to Harper's Bazaar, a senior writer at Rolling Stone and copy editor at Oyster magazine.

My essays on style have appeared in The Monthly, The Good Weekend, Sunday Life, Marie Claire, The Sydney Magazine and The Australian.

I'd never wear jeans if there was a feather-strewn emerald spangly showgirl's dress option instead.

In another life I would live in a villa in Florence, travel with my maid and order my hats from Reboux. But I'm pretty happy living this one for now.